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Corpus Christi’s journey to a successful future is larger than a few bullet points about water and streets. We have real work to do to make Corpus Christi the city we desire it to be and Aislynn is the champion leader, community servant that will get us there. She is not talking in short sentences. She has a plan.

Corpus Christi Requires a Leader That Can Do Two Things at Once

While the state of Texas booms all around us, Corpus Christi remains locked in place, focused on the past 40 years of ineffective leadership, lack of direction, lack of pride and lack of maintenance.

Let’s be honest about where we actually are: The 8th largest city in Texas with a strong industrial core, a thriving port, a growing university, a diverse population, natural resources for play and tourism and the best coastal view in Texas. The basic ingredients for success are already here so why aren’t we booming?

There is a missing ingredient. A visionary leader that can focus not only on today's concerns but on tomorrow’s hopes and dreams.

If you want to change the outcome, you have to change the energy.

With Aislynn as our mayor, we will begin our path toward a city focused on tomorrow while addressing the issues of today. A dynamic leader understands that we can, and must, do both.
Learn more and watch a video about a mayor doing two things at once.

Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision - Texas' Coastal Gem, A City Prepared for Success

  • A Vital Voice For Everyone
    Hemmin’ and hawwin’ and good ol’ boy “aw shucks” isn’t moving our city anywhere. Aislynn is the champion leader we deserve. We need a dynamic, articulate, authentic mayor that will be a voice for everyone to creatively balance today's issues with tomorrow’s hopes and desires.
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  • Resource Management
    We don’t have a choice. We must use our resources wisely. We have plenty, but we haven't used them wisely. We have allowed our assets to deteriorate with no plans for maintenance. We have wasted labor energy with internal miscommunication. The list is long, and our entire community is sick of the waste.
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  • Community-Wide Health And Wellness
    Aislynn is the leader willing to pursue wellness to attract the businesses and increased tax base that we need. Area health metrics confirm that there is only one answer to maintaining a vital community, a vital workforce, vital neighbornoods, vital citizens and that is to begin talking honestly about our overall health and wellness and place these initiatives as high priorities.
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  • Community Pride And Community Responsibility
    Litter. Stray animals. Putting down where we live. Allowing city council to not maintain our infrastructure and assets for over 30 years. When you consider everything Corpus Christi has to offer, there is no reason to not be proud of where we live and take responsibility for it. Aislynn is the leader that will remind us that protecting our home, our family and being proud of our City helps us all.
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Aislynn's 4 Points of Focus - What Must Be Done Today

  • City Services - Taxpayers Get What They Pay For
    The top concerns Aislynn hears are that we do not get the basic city services we pay for and that we haven’t for almost four decades. Aislynn will bust through this systemic issue. Our city will operate in a way that satisfies its existing customers and begins attracting the business and increased tax base that we require to succeed.
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  • Empowering Economic Development With a Vital, Educated Workforce
    A vital, educated workforce is at the top of the list of assets that new businesses look for when considering doing business with a city. Aislynn plans to keep and attract the best companies in the world by leading the empowerment of educational programming to strengthen a vital, educated workforce within our own community. Our existing industries tell Aislynn this is the leader they require.
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  • City Leaders That Support Quality of Life Initiatives
    Potential businesses require it; our residents are demanding it. Quality of Life is what you are ready for--where you live is as important as where you work.
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  • Respect For and Trust In All Citizens of The Community
    A city divided cannot succeed and we must begin working together to solve our city’s problems. Aislynn will spend her term repairing and strengthening the relationships required for a city to succeed and grow its tax base. This includes repairing trust and respect between:

    • City council and city staff
    • City council and our community
    • City departments and our community
    • Between the mayor and first responders
    • Between citizens
    • Between citizens and their city

If You Want to Change The Outcome, You Have to Change The Energy

Aislynn is the new energy that we have been hoping and dreaming for. She will be your voice and your champion and she is ready to lead us into tomorrow

How to Support Aislynn

The simple fact is that Aislynn can't win without a strong, supportive community. From putting a sign in your yard to block walking, there is a place for you on the Aislynn4Mayor team.