"It is important to me that you know who I am, how I'm qualified and that I'm not going anywhere. Corpus Christi is my home and I have devoted my professional career and my private life to making our city a better place to live. Ask anyone that knows me."     -Aislynn
Commendation for Aislynn Campbell Recipient of Farm Credit's 100 Fresh Perspectives Program

Mayoral candidate Aislynn Campbell, 39, is the Founder and Executive Director of GROW Local South Texas, a non-profit organization that provides affordable access to nutrient-dense food to the community and promotes a healthy lifestyle. A farmer turned executive, Aislynn also had the foresight to create the Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers’ Market in 2012.

Aislynn has worked hard to increase the quality of life in our great city, zeroing in on how to best utilize and manage green space; community responsibility; changing habits that create trash, etc; pedestrian safety; and accessibility to healthy foods.

Aislynn, whose family has lived in the Coastal Bend for four generations, is passionate about her community and has deep roots calling her to serve: her grandfather was Port Director and her father worked in hospitality while her mother worked in industry. Aislynn wants to continue the legacy of serving her community but also feels morally obligated to run for mayor.

There is a population who feel they don’t have a voice – or that they aren’t being heard. I’ve seen the value of a voice that can clearly communicate and I’m willing to be that voice.

There is also a population who are working to change things – real philanthropists but they are being stalled and stomped on by the current city leaders. Things have to change. We have to change the energy and I can take on the challenge.

As mayor, Aislynn will focus on being a vital voice for Corpus Christi; resource management; community pride and responsibility; and health and wellness.

We need to look at the vast resources we have and maintain them. An recent example is the pier at Cole Park. It’s closed forever due to lack of simple maintenance. Streets. Water lines. The list is so long. We don’t maintain what we have and it’s such a waste.

As for health and wellness, that includes agriculture; citizens’ access to maintained green space and play space; affordable access to healthy food; connectivity between neighborhoods and access to community leaders – honest leaders.  

Aislynn lives with her fiancée and four children ages 12-18. With already one in college, she would like to see him and her other future graduates return to Corpus Christi after graduation.

It’s a fact that college graduates don’t return to Corpus Christi. I want to change that. I want a community they’re proud to come home to where they can live, provide for themselves and become city leaders. I just want the city to prosper and grow.

How to Support Aislynn

The simple fact is that Aislynn can't win without a strong, supportive community. From putting a sign in your yard to block walking, there is a place for you on the Aislynn4Mayor team.