Watch Aislynn’s Campaign Announcement Video

Aislynn's Campaign Announcement occured on our beautiful Bayfront on Friday, August 10, 2018.

Aislynn's announement begins at 13:38.
It was a picture perfect evening on our Bayfront as Aislynn unveiled her four points of focus for Corpus Christi:

  • Being a Voice of Vitality
    Corpus Christi deserves vibrant, energetic, 21st century-style leadership.
  • Resource Management
    We don’t have a choice: we must use our resources wisely in a way we have not in decades. We waste resources. We don't maintain our assets. The list is long, and the entire community is sick of the waste.
  • Community Health and Wellness
    Aislynn has created the foundation for real conversations about health and wellness in our community....and that has only just begun. We deserve a vital community, a vital workforce, vital neighborhoods, vital citizens. Our city leaders cannot ignore it any longer.
  • Community Pride and Responsibility
    We ARE The Sparkling City By The Sea. We have simply forgotten. We must stop re-electing the 30-year politicians that have led us to this moment: lack of pride, crumbling infrastructure, litter everywhere. It ends now.

The MC for the evening was owner of Hybrid Records, Carlos Cooper, who spoke about how city leaders tend to curb momentum. (0:14)

David Loeb introduced Aislynn by discussing her qualifications as a long-time city partner, advocate, policy writer and much, much more. (6:11)

The evening started with four amazing musicians from Corpus Christi Songwriters: Sonny Salinas, Melissa Brooke, David Martinez, and Jimmy Willden.

Aislynn will continue to weave the arts into as many of her events as possible. Corpus Christi's arts and culture is top rate and should be heralded at every oppotunity.

Thanks to everyone that attended the announcement, the volunteers, musicians, speakers and YOU.