Your Champion Leader Can Do Two Things at Once

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This post is part of Aislynn's Full Platform Series.
Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision and her 4 Points of Focus.

Corpus Christi’s journey to a successful future is larger than a few bullet points about water and streets. We have real work to do to make Corpus Christi the city we desire it to be and Aislynn is the champion leader, community servant that will get us there. She is not talking in short sentences. She has a plan.

Corpus Christi Requires a Leader That Can Do Two Things at Once

As the 8th largest city in Texas with a strong industrial core, a thriving port, a growing university, a diverse population, natural resources for play and tourism and the best coastal view in Texas, the basic ingredients for success already exist in Corpus Christi so why aren’t we booming?

There is a missing ingredient. A visionary leader that can focus not only on today's concerns but on tomorrow’s hopes and dreams.

If you want to change the outcome, you have to change the energy.

With Aislynn as our mayor, we will begin our path toward a city focused on tomorrow while addressing the issues of today. A dynamic leader understands that we can, and must, do both.

Platform Series

Introduction (You are Here)

4 Points of Vision

4 Points of Focus

  • City Services - Taxpayers Get What They Pay For
  • Empowering Economic Development With a Vital, Educated Workforce
  • City Leaders That Support Quality of Life Initiatives
  • Respect For and Trust In All Citizens of The Community

More Detail on Doing Two Things at Once

What's Aislynn's plan? Read Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision and 4 Points of Focus here.

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