Resource Management

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This post is part of Aislynn's Full Platform Series:
Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision and her 4 Points of Focus.

Corpus Christi is largely in the position it is in due to resource mismanagement.

Resource Management is one of Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision: One of four steps to take to create a successful city.

We don’t have a choice. We must use our resources wisely. We have plenty, but we haven't used them wisely. We have allowed our assets to deteriorate with no plans for maintenance. We have wasted labor energy with internal miscommunication. The list is long, and our entire community is sick of the waste.

Resource Management

It is difficult enough to run a city with a billion dollar annual budget.

Add an additional billion dollar requirement to fix our streets after refusing to maintain them for 30 years and you have a financial crisis.

We must maintain our assets. We must manage our resources. It is critical to any future success. 

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