Meet Aislynn at The Learning Garden

Aislynn founded GROW Local South Texas to GROW a healthy, local community by improving ACCESS to, EDUCATION about and ADVOCACY for affordable, nutrient-dense foods. Their first order of business was adopting Tom Graham Park to create The Learning Garden.

In 5 short years, The Learning Garden has become community-revitalizing agent, a source for locally-grown food, and an educational  oasis where people of all ages learn how to grow their own food, discover how enhanced parkspace revitalizes a neighborhood and meet for summer camps, after school programs and much more.

The Garden is located at 3808 Up River Road and has open hours 4 days a week. You can find Aislynn at The Learning Garden every Sunday evening from 6:00–8:00pm.

Come say hello. She can't wait to meet you and hear your Corpus Christi story.

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