I Want a Sign!

Since Aislynn's Campaign Announcement, EVERYONE wants a sign and they are popping up all over town.

If you want one, you'll get one. There are two options:

Buy a Sign For You or Others

Support Aislynn's Campaign by purchasing a sign. It's different, just like Aislynn's campaign and the way she will lead our city.

Request a Free Sign

Support Aislynn's Campaign by requesting a 'free' sign by sending Aislynn an email here.

Either way, a sign will be delivered and planted in your yard.

Why the purchase option? Because a key component of Aislynn's campaign is educating voters how everything works.

Resource Management is one of Aislynn's 4 Points of Focus. Where does the money come from? How is it spent? If applicable, how are those things maintained?

'Free' signs work because campaign donors paid for them. Aislynn's asking you to become one. Join the process.

If you're moved to make a contribution, thank you!

If this isn't the time, that's fine too.

Want to help fund signs for even more people? You can donate a 'sign scholarship' that puts signs in the yards and businesses of 9 or 99 other people.

If you would like to purchase a sign for you and/or others, click here.

If now is not the time to buy one, but you still want one, just send Aislynn an email here (aislynn4mayor@gmail.com). Please include your name, address and phone number.

Please be patient. We can’t print them fast enough. EVERYONE wants one.

Facebook Live: Aislynn plants the first sign in her own yard.

Sign Purchase Options