How to Help Spread the Word About Aislynn

Aislynn will win if her name and platform can be delivered to every eligible voter.

Here are some simple ways that you can help spread the word.

Aislynn is saving up for a media buy and needs your help. Donate any amount today to help spread the word.

Talk to Your Sphere of Influence 
Nothing is more effective than one-on-one conversations. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students, lunch group, EVERYONE about Aislynn and why you support her.

Plant a Sign
Plant a sign in your yard or at your business. I want a sign!

Social Media
Follow and share Aislynn on social media. Tag Aislynn's profiles in your posts and use the #aislynn4mayor hashtags.

Bring Friends and Family to an Event
Aislynn wants to meet everyone in Corpus Christi and hear their Corpus Christi stories. With her innovative events and full calendar, you can meet her somewhere this week. Here is where you can meet her and learn more details about of her 4 Points of Focus.

Volunteer to Blockwalk and/or Deliver Signs
Good old fashioned campaigning! Aislynn needs volunteers to donate their time to walk door-to-door and talk to their friends and neighbors. You will receive materials and suggestions for things to say. Nothing works best, though, than speaking from your heart. Sign up here.
If you're mobile and willing to plant signs in people's yards, you can be a sign deliverer. Aislynn will give you a stash of signs and then text you when one of your nearby neighbors wants one. As signs spread across Corpus Christi, Aislynn could use more help. Sign up here.

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