In order to spread the word, Aislynn must raise funds to purchase signs, marketing materials and future media ads. She hopes you will invest in this campaign in order to move our city forward. It can't happen without everyone

Click the donate link or mail a check to:

510 McClendon Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78404

Please make your check out to Aislynn4Mayor.

General Donation
Click 'donate' to donate any amount. $5. $50. $500. Whatever you can. Everything and everyone counts.

I Want a Yard Sign For Me and/or Others

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Support Aislynn's Campaign by purchasing a sign. It's different, just like Aislynn's campaign and the way she will lead our city.

Request a Free Sign

Support Aislynn's Campaign by requesting a 'free' sign by sending Aislynn an email here.

Anyone that wants a sign will get one, but you can use this opportunity to contribute to the campaign. Click 'Buy Now' to purchase 1, 5 or 10 yard signs, delivered to your home within city limits. You can also donate a sign scholarship so that we can deliver signs to everyone. If you can’t buy a sign—for any reason—just send Aislynn an email here (

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Aislynn's Supporters

Matt Adler
Derwood Anderson
Cathy Arce
Armadillo Sports Chiropractic
Catherine Barnard
Geraldi Barrios
Kyle Bauer
Johanna Beck
Theresa Beck
Laura Bell
Monica Benavides
Dennis Bender
Amy Bethel
Dr. Vijay & Pooja Bindingnavele
Dakota Blea
Amanda Bliss
Anne Booher
David Bright
Marilyn Brodeur
Brad & Shari Brown
Bradley Bunting
Jaime Bustos
Angela Byrum
Gregory Carll
Tom Cecil
Hailey Chapman
Ofelia Chavez
Susan Chilcoat
Coastal Trailer Trash
Lauren Coleman
Barb Craig
Ellison & Fay Crider
Kathleen Dare
Joe & Imelda Davis
Julie Davis
Phillip Davis
John De La Garza
Tonya Delk
Denise & Tommy Dicus
Dr. James  & Paige Dinn
Emily & Marcus Dodd
Charles & Gayle Doraine
Camm Dougherty
Geri Elliff
Scott Elliff
Libby Even
Sidero Fenner
Paula Beaton Forbes
Reba Gandara
Dr. Meera Gangadharan
Adina Garcia
Linda Gibeaut
Kaleigh Glover
Alex Guerra
Katharine Guerra
Robert Guerra
Amanda Guerrero
David & Errin Gurney
Samantha Hanson
JJ Hart
Mary Hawkins
Hayden W. Head, III
Miles Herndon
Joe Mack & Sharon Hilliard
Dr. Kevin Hopkins
Libby Huffman
Larry Hyde
Susan & Francesco Inguagiatto
Alissa Inman
Insightful Jewels
Christie Irps
Charles & Susan Jackson
John & Marlena Jamison
Vicki & Paul Jamison
Atlantis Johnson
Lynda Jones
Michelle King
Daniel Lamb
Dalbert & Candace Leal
Adriana Leiva
Iris Lerhman
Theresa Litle
Marilyn Litt
Victoria Livingston

Michelle Locke
David Loeb
Tami & John Longino
Yvonne Luna
Robert Maggianni
Angelica Martinez
Nelda Martinez
Vida Mason
Massage Center of Corpus Christi
Harley & Amanda Matthews
Linda May
Robert & Bridget May
Emily McAnnally
Fred & Sara McCutchon
Lisa McGrew
Elizabeth McKay
Neil McQueen
Veronika Montelongo
Joyce Moore
Annell Neale
Hank & Patty Nuss
Monica & Ian O'Keefe
Joe Olivarez
Bruce Olson
Dr. Jimie Owsley
Dr. Ana Paez
Chris & Jessica Page
Victoria Palomo
Cornelia Perabo
Will & Dabney Pettus
Ginger Porche
Reavelyn Pray
Linda May Price
Leslie Provence
Gilda Ramirez
Raul Ramirez
Tania Ramirez
Ruth Ramos
Allison Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez
Julie & Barry Rogers
Jacqueline Rosier
Kenneth Rosier
Keith Rowley
Leo Ruiz
S&G's Stores
Mark & Laura Sandavol
Gerry Sansing
Monica Sawyer
Sarah Scott
Kristin Seaton
Andrew Sheinberg
Dianna Bluntzer Sherman
Jan Simnacher
Kellie Smith
Leah Smith
Valeri Starr-Lopez
Suzanne Sudder
Angela Sulik
Dr. Judith Sutherland
Ethan & Maria Thompson
William Thompson
Barry Thornton
Nicole Thornton
Leah Tiner
Tina Trusty
William Uhlarik
Jennifer Vasey
Gabriel Vega
Omar Villegas
Jonda Watson
Randall & Cristela Webb
Karl Weir
Jeannie White
William Whittle
Dora Wilburn
Shannon Wilde
Harry & Alicia Williams
Wolf and Moon Apparel
Ruth Woolsey
Anthony Zoccolillo

General Donation
Click 'donate' to donate any amount. $5. $50. $500. Whatever you can. Everything and everyone counts.

How to Support Aislynn

The simple fact is that Aislynn can't win without a strong, supportive community. From putting a sign in your yard to block walking, there is a place for you on the Aislynn4Mayor team.