Corpus Christi Animal Rally

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Calling all Corpus Christi animal lovers and advocates!

A 'top five' issue that people across Corpus Christi bring up to Aislynn is the city's handling of our animals. From issues today to conversations about our long term goals, it is past time for a citywide conversation about how we're going to solve these issues. 

Corpus Christi Animal Rally
Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 6:00-8:00 PM
B&J's Pizza (The Original); 6335 SPID (map)
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The rally is open to everyone. Aislynn is extending special invitations to Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, existing local animal nonprofits and local networks that help re-home strays.

Aislynn believes it is time for our city to put the required attention and conversation into actually solving a problem that everyone acknowledges, but, year after year, is not sufficiently dealt with.

If you are a local animal lover, you will want to be in the room.

In the event photo:
CC Animal Control Services volunteer Barbara is holding Westley, an 8-month old bull terrier picked up as a stray, wearing a collar with no owner and no microchip. This photo was taken as part of the Focus on Furever initiative. Volunteers taking pictures and getting the feel for captured animals so that if they aren't adopted or adoptable, they can hopefully go to rescue instead of being euthanized.

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