Community-Wide Health And Wellness

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This post is part of Aislynn's Full Platform Series:
Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision and her 4 Points of Focus.

Aislynn is the leader willing to pursue health and wellness to attract the businesses and increased tax base that we need. Area health metrics confirm that there is only one answer to maintaining a vital community, a vital workforce, vital neighbornoods, vital citizens and that is to begin talking honestly about our overall health and wellness and place these initiatives as high priorities.

Community-Wide Health and Wellness

Every health metric you read about us tells us that we have a problem in this community...and we do not like to talk about it.

We must begin the conversation. These are health metrics seen by potential businesses and residents with a high interest in active lifestyle for themselves or their employees.

Aislynn has a track record for  successful health and wellness community change. She values the health and wellness of our physical beings and our surroundings--our water, our earth, our air. The health and wellness of everything around us matters as we move forward as a community. Our health and wellness and how we show that is valuable is one the greatest assets of any community.

We don't want to talk about it, but it matters to our future success enough to begin the conversation.

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