Aislynn’s Corpus Christi Taco Tour

Aislynn's Taco Tour; Every Tuesday

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We are a breakfast taco town. It's a solid part of our culture, and we do it the best. There is no argument: Corpus Christi makes the best breakfast tacos in the world, and we should embrace our taco culture as an official part of our city identity.

For the first five weeks of the campaign, Aislynn will visit a different taco restaurant . Every week, a different voting district.

It's a Taco Tour of Corpus Christi.

Come grab your taco of choice and learn more about Aislynn, her 4 Points of Focus and drill deeper into how Aislynn will begin moving Corpus Christi past our systemic stagnancy and into the future.

All are invited. All are welcome. Help us spread the word and let's pack these fantastic local businesses.

September 4, 2018
Aislynn's Taco Tour, District 2
Santa Rosa Restaurant
7:30-9:00 AM
2722 S Staples St. (map)

September 11, 2018
Aislynn's Taco Tour, District 3
Enrique's Restaurant
7:30-9:00 AM
5230 Kostoryz Rd. (map)

September 18, 2018
Aislynn's Taco Tour, District 4
Enrique's Restaurant
7:30-9:00 AM (map)

September 25, 2018
Aislynn's Taco Tour, District 5
Acapulco Restaurant (Saratoga/Weber, map)
7:30-9:00 AM

November 6 - Voting Day

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Past Stops:

August 28, 2018
Aislynn's Taco Tour, District 1
Hi-Ho Restaurant
7:30-9:00 AM
3703 Morgan Ave. (map)


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