A Vital Voice For Everyone

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This post is part of Aislynn's Full Platform Series:
Aislynn's 4 Points of Vision and her 4 Points of Focus.

Hemmin’ and hawwin’ and good ol’ boy “aw shucks” isn’t moving our city anywhere. Corpus Christi has not had the champion leader it deserves in decades. A vital, passionate mayor that says, “This is where we’re going,” with vision and authenticity. A mayor that has successful working relationships with city staff as well as state and national leaders. A mayor who is bold and thinks big.

A Vital Voice For Everyone

We need a mayor that will be a voice for EVERYONE to creatively balance today's issues with tomorrow’s hopes and desires.

Everyone in Corpus Christi that is tired of watching the same, old ways keep us from being the "Sparkling City by the Sea" that we are and can be  now has a vital voice.

Aislynn will be a champion for our city.

Our mayor should speak for EVERYONE--a diverse population. Everyone gets included in the conversation and someone speaks for you. That’s a vital voice of visionary leadership.

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