Imagine What Would Happen If Everyone in Corpus Christi Voted...

Who is Aislynn?

Aislynn, whose family has lived in the Coastal Bend for four generations, is passionate about Corpus Christi and has deep roots calling her to serve.

Vital * Courageous*

Authentic* Resourceful*

Support Aislynn

As your mayor, Aislynn will focus on resource management; community pride and responsibility; and total community health and wellness. 

This will take a community of support.


Aislynn will be a voice for you. If we want to change the outcome we have to change the energy. It is time to begin looking forward.

You can help now by giving to her campaign.

Aislynn 4 Points of Focus

A Voice Of Vitality For You
Everyone in Corpus Christi that is tired of watching the same, old ways keep us from being the "Sparkling City by the Sea" that we are and can be. You who are ready to have real talk about what Corpus Christi is today and what our legacy to our youth is going to be. You now have a vital voice.

Resource Management
We don’t have a choice. We must use our resources wisely. We have plenty, but we don’t use it wisely. We allow it to deteriorate with no plans for maintenance. We waste labor energy with internal miscommunication. We waste so many resources. We waste our assets. The list is long, and our entire community is sick of the waste. It's time for change.

Community-Wide Health And Wellness
Aislynn founded a non-profit organization to increase the amount of local food grown in South Texas because she believes South Texas and the healthy activities affordable and accessible by the entire community. Aislynn believes the only answer to maintaining a vital community is to place health and wellness initiatives at the very top of the list of priorities. 

Community Pride And Community Responsibility
Go to any successful city, talk nasty about it and watch how their citizens respond. Go to an event in any successful city and watch how the community, as a whole, takes on the responsibility of care for their community. We are The Sparkling City by the Sea! We have simply forgotten. While we fall in love with Corpus Christi again, we'll remember the leaders who contributed to the attitude that we are less that that. 

What is the best way to hold your politicians accountable? Vote. Register to vote here or hereLet your voice be heard. 

We're all in this together.


How to Support Aislynn

The simple fact is that Aislynn can win this election with a strong, supportive community. Sign her wall of supporters. Plant a sign in your yard. Tell your neighbors and friends. There is a place for everyone on the Aislynn4Mayor team.